This article/guide is written to highllight what you need to know and what you can do in Borneocentral platform to gain financially. Please be reminded that we are community first before profit.



We do not ask you to pay for using platform. Our funding is outlined clearly in our Terms (funded internally & by paid advertisers)


  1. What is 'Monetise'?
    • The basic concept in Borneocentral is you are an ambassador representing yourself, your local community and Borneo as whole. We want to promote Borneo via content creation inside Borneocentral platform and beyond!
    • In response to your promotion activities, we will grant you 'points' as reward for specific actions in Borneocentral
    • These points will accumulate and once they're up to certain level, you can redeem for cash payment
  2. Is this monetisation legit?
    • Technically, there is no problem in Malaysia. We will look into this issue in both Brunei & Indonesia later on.
  3. When can I start earn points?
    • You can start earn points as soon as you have activated your account (account verification via email confirmation link)
  4. What type of actions/activities I need to do to earn points?
    • As of today (30th Nov 2022), we have activated referral function in our platform. We will reward you for every friends you had successfully refer to A successfull referral is activated once your friend verify their registration (via e mail)
    • More points will be added for specific actions soon! Do revisit this page often
  5. How much can I earn for every referral?
    • As of today (1st Dec 2022), you will earn 10 points for every successful referral.
  6. How much are points worth in cash?
    • 100 points = RM1
  7. How to check my points?
    • Click/hover on your profile (located on top-right of your screen). You will see your points status.



Latest update on 1st December 2022.